Poppin’ for Popcorn With Sadie Donahue!

Sadie Donahue has been on our show before and we love watching her perform. Sadie has played with and in many bands and has recently emerged as a solo artist and signed with Monopolized Records. We are so happy to be sitting down with her and Corey Bonnevie, to talk about how the new single came together and how the pandemic influenced the process. We (Cait, Cherise, and Tara!) also chat about shows and events, past and current, surviving the pandemic, hobbies we picked up, the music we discovered. We also chat about community and life and so much more on this episode of Strange Grooves!
We hope you enjoy it and go stream Sadie’s new tune ? POPCORN? that is being released with Monopolzed Records when it’s out. Here is the pre-save download link and it will be available on all streaming platforms. By the way, it will be Bandcamp day as well so head over there to support your local musicians!!!

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