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Strategic Planning: Playing the Odds with Warren Coughlin – April 20, 2021

In a world of so many uncertainties, one of the main reasons founder’s avoid strategic planning is because it seems like a waste of time. Warren Coughlin, business coach at JumpStart Coaching, believes if you learn to play the probabilities, you’ll have an edge up on competition when navigating adversity.

Warren helps principled entrepreneurs build a Business That Matters. That is one that delivers to you, the owner, attractive profits and a fulfilling lifestyle while also creating positive impacts on customers, team and the larger community.  In other words, it is one that helps make the world – or just your corner of it – a better place.

This requires a combination of solid business skills and disciplines guided by deeply held values. He’s been helping entrepreneurs do this since 2002. They have experienced everything from 8 figure exits, to 7 figure salaries, from rapid expansion to minimized operational work because of the development of great leaders and high performance values-driven cultures.

Warren’s also a recovering lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, college professor, actor, theater director and Dad to a wonderful daughter who constantly challenges him to be a better person.  

“A rookie poker player can beat a professional in any given hand, but the pro player is always going to win the game. Strategic business planning works like the discipline of the pro player.”

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard, Warren discusses finding the root problem, and the need for execution and accountability in strategic planning.

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