Episode 43: If I sat on your couch in 1997 you wouldn’t be able to see me

Afterthoughts finally clears up some egregious discrepancies regarding Mom-of-the-Pod, Karin. Babs is (maybe) heading home to the 506!!?? And Halifax’s most eligible bachelorette, and friend of the pod, A-Munz is officially a novelist!! Babs & Coop have equally Strong Feelings about people who can’t “read a room” or who are simply inept at navigating basic social cues. News Flash talks about the most important holiday no one has ever heard of…. Girl Talk asks – should women care if men care about home decor? Babs asks Coop the aesthetic limits he’ll allow for his daughter in Dad Seg. Hospitality Hot Takes fuels the debate: look online vs. call direct ?! Songs of the week & Quick 3!

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