Episode 39: Does NASA need a billion bucks?

Our pod heroes give some free communication advice to the NS Premier and Health Chief; will they listen? Absolutely not. Does anyone care about the Oscars or the Kentucky Derby in lockdown? Coop falls in love with Mark Wahlberg. Coop has strong feelings on the space budget; are ALL the millions really necessary? News Flash has Babs & Coop talking about how Caitlyn Jenner is running for Governor in California with help from Trump – so she sucks… and is Women’s hockey as important as Men’s hockey? FRIG YES it is – just not in NS… Girl Talk has Babs talking about her armpit hair. And Coop talks about how he would “father” those Dal U dweebs that smugly flashed their $1000 gathering fines. It’s Storytime in Hospitality Hot Takes, as Coop regales the story of the Moscow Mule. Songs of the week & Quick 3!

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