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the 2014 Kensington, PEI UFO Event – Nighttime Classics *Premium feed Exclusive*

In this Nighttime Classic, Randy and I revisit the 2014 Kensington PEI UFO Event (originally covered Jan 2016)

Episode Summary

When Moncton resident John Sheppard arrived at The Twin Shores Campground near Kensington PEI, he never would have imagined he would be avoiding one of the worst mass murders in his province’s history and stepping into an entirely different battle ground he hardly knew existed.

While putting out the bonfire late in the evening of June 4, 2014, John witnessed unusual lights in the sky over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and captured 22 minutes of it on his cellphone.

When CBC covered the sighting, which was investigated and labeled a “confirmed unknown flying object”, skeptics fired back with alternate explanations prompting CBC to produce a follow up article the next day.

This episode includes both John Sheppard who describes the event and UFO researcher, author, and pilot Don Ledger who provides his opinion on the other proposed theories.


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