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The Bell Island Boom – 3 – Nightcap Post Show (with Cynthia Bickford)

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When one imagines the setting for a story involving experimental weapons, international espionage, unexplained aerial anomalies, and cold war anxieties…  they probably aren’t picturing a tranquil island in Newfoundland.

But, there is no imagining about it, Bell island, Newfoundland, is just that.

This all stems from a still unexplained aerial explosion that rocked the skies about the island, and set in motion a series of bizarre events that seemed pulled from the pages of a science fiction novel.

The entire ordeal still leaves those who lived through it scratching their heads, but one thing is without question, for a moment in 1978, Canadian and American defense satellites detected more light reflecting from this island than what was seen during the bombing of Hiroshima and we aren’t certain why.

In this episode of Nighttime, we are joined by an eye witness to the Bell Island Boom, and the current owner of the Bickford home that was considered to be ground zero, Cynthia Bickford


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1978 CBC documentary on the event

The Invisible Machine (2004 documentary on the Event)

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