28 – TBCE – Ron Fossum on Pulling Money (Taxes) Back out of the TRASH. Tax Planning Explained.

Ron Fossum is a man who has made it his mission to help people like YOU save money through Tax Planning. He has been honing his craft for over 20 years, and the guy not only knows his stuff, but has helped save millions of dollars for companies he has worked with to develop solid tax strategies that are completely moral and ethical, and abide by the IRS rules. He has been featured on Wall Street Today, Success Magazine, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, CNBC, & FOX.


I feel extremely privileged to have gotten a few minutes of his time to chat on the podcast about Tax Planning, and how that can relate to any business. I would highly recommend taking the time to listen to this episode. You will learn about a few of the many strategies YOU can be using to save taxes and get more money in your pocket. (Note: for Canadian listeners, this is specifically related to the US tax code, but it is still really fascinating)


You can reach out to Ron through any or all of these avenues (he gave me permission to share these):

Ron’s Website: https://taxplanwealth.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TPWHelp/

Calender Link: https://go.oncehub.com/TaxPlanWealth

Office Number: 425-381-2253


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