30 – TBCE – Kit Moore, Risk and Growth, Keep Your Foot on the Gas

Kit Moore and I had a terrific conversation about growth, risk, and common themes around those topics as they relate to entrepreneurs. We answer questions like “Why is risk central to growth and development? ” and “What are some methods to manage risk?”

Kit is the chief servant at BluePrint CPAs. Sure, he’s a specialized tax accountant (CPA, CA) and can help you save in the six figures. More importantly, he’s a serial entrepreneur with a ton of enthusiasm for growth strategies and execution.  His industry depth in technology, construction, real estate, energy, agriculture and even cannabis deregulation complements his technical expertise in growth strategy, advanced tax structures, innovation, mergers and corporate finance.  He’s also a proud father and hubby – he loves Cassondra and his four children even more than entrepreneurship. When he’s not running (his businesses), he likes fishing and cottaging. (in fact, we squeezed in this episode just before he headed out on a fishing trip!)

Connect with Kit here: Website: https://www.blueprintcpa.ca/team/kit-moore

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blueprintcpa/


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