79 – TBCE – Bobby Walker – How to get MORE 5 Star Reviews on Google (ACTIONABLE TACTICS)

Bobby Walker (https://trtcleans.com/) is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Journey of a New Entrepreneur and No Bitch Zone. He started his journey as a redneck from Oklahoma with little aspiration or dreams. However, after a quarter-life crisis, he decided to make a change and started his own business. Bobby has built a multi-million dollar power washing company and is now focused on helping others achieve success through coaching, his YouTube channel, and podcast.


In this episode, Lewis interviews Bobby Walker, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Journey of a New Entrepreneur and No Bitch Zone. Bobby shares his personal journey from a small town in Oklahoma to building a multi-million dollar power washing company. He emphasizes the importance of having the right mindset, script, timing, convenience, and automation when it comes to getting Google reviews. Bobby also discusses his recent battle with depression and how he overcame it, highlighting the importance of mental health for business owners.

Key Takeaways:

– Having the right mindset is crucial for success in business. Don't believe the excuse that people in your market don't leave Google reviews.
– Use a script that emphasizes your goals of earning a five-star review and creating a great customer experience.
– Timing is key. Ask for reviews multiple times and in multiple ways throughout the customer lifecycle.
– Make it convenient for customers to leave reviews by providing a direct link and using follow-up emails and text messages.
– Adding a personal touch, such as mentioning the technician's name, can lead to more detailed and positive reviews.


– "Your market's not special, and neither are you." – Bobby Walker
– "Either your plan process is wrong or you're wrong." – Bobby Walker
– "You've got to make it easy for them because that's not their purpose." – Bobby Walker
– "Everybody wants to be in the cool club." – Bobby Walker


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