80 – TBCE – Josh Hollandsworth of Ads By Josh – DON'T QUOTE OVER THE PHONE

Josh Hollandsworth (https://www.adsbyjosh.net/) is the owner of Top Shelf Junk Removal, a successful junk removal business. He stumbled into the business three years ago and has since fine-tuned his approach to handling customer calls and quotes. Josh has extensive experience running Google Ads campaigns and has discovered the importance of the phone call in converting leads into customers.


Josh Hollandsworth shares his insights on how to effectively handle customer calls and quotes in the junk removal business. He emphasizes the importance of not giving quotes over the phone and instead focusing on booking an onsite quote. By using a phone script and explaining the pricing structure, Josh has achieved a 90% conversion rate when meeting customers in person. He also highlights the need to build rapport with customers and address their concerns about pricing.

Key Takeaways:

– Avoid giving quotes over the phone in the junk removal business to increase conversion rates.
– Use a phone script to explain the pricing structure and book an onsite quote.
– Customers are more likely to say yes in person than over the phone.
– Building rapport and addressing customer concerns about pricing are crucial for successful conversions.


– "The phone call and how we sell the customer is almost more important than the actual methods of advertising that we're using." – Josh Hollandsworth
– "We don't want to give quotes over the phone without scaring the customer off, while also at least letting them know relatively what we charge." – Josh Hollandsworth
– "We ultimately have to pay to get rid of it. So we don't like to agree to a price before we've seen it in person." – Josh Hollandsworth


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