85 – TBCE – Insights from Ronnie Knuckles, a Junk Removal & Marketing Expert

Ronnie Knuckles is the owner of Sergeant Junket, a successful junk removal business based in Kentucky. He is also the founder of Spearcrest Digital, a digital marketing agency. Ronnie is known for his expertise in SEO and website optimization, and he is actively involved in the veteran community through his role as a board member for Veterans Club Inc.


Ronnie Knuckles, owner of Sergeant Junket and founder of Spearcrest Digital, shares his journey of starting and growing his junk removal business while working full-time and managing other ventures. He emphasizes the importance of setting priorities and finding a balance between work, family, and personal life. Ronnie also discusses the significance of building a strong company culture and holding team members accountable. He highlights the value of collaborating with competitors and finding ways to support each other in the industry. Ronnie shares his strategies for marketing his business, including the use of yard signs, flyers, and door hangers. He also emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community and shares his experiences in providing assistance during natural disasters and partnering with local charities.

Key Takeaways:

– Prioritize your time and set boundaries to ensure quality time with family.
– Build a strong company culture and hold team members accountable.
– Collaborate with competitors to create a united front and provide better value to customers.
– Utilize organic marketing strategies such as yard signs, flyers, and door hangers.
– Give back to the community and find ways to support local charities.


– "Set the priority. Protect time with your family. Everything else falls apart without that." – Ronnie Knuckles
– "Actions speak louder than words. Set the standard and hold people accountable." – Ronnie Knuckles
– "Collaborating with competitors can open doors and create a united front for customers." – Ronnie Knuckles
– "Organic marketing is just as important as digital marketing. Utilize yard signs, flyers, and door hangers." – Ronnie Knuckles
– "Find ways to give back to the community and support local charities. It's good for the soul and your business." – Ronnie Knuckles


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