Chapter 38: Relationships Should Not Be Disposable

This week Brittany returns to the Book of Love podcast to discuss one of the greatest fallacies of our generation. That love and relationships are easy.  Society has taken an over romanticized view of relationships and put it in the forefront of our minds.  As a result, we have been treating relationships, the one last sacred institution in this world, as disposable.  What if I told you that was wrong?  What if I told you that real love is hard, but that on the other side of the challenge lies growth, beauty and depth?  Brittany takes us on a raw deep dive of what it means to show up, build foundation and experience personal and relationship growth simultaneously, while standing firmly in your commitment to love another without giving in to our fight or flight response.  This isn’t to say that you should never leave an unhealthy relationship, but rather having the awareness of what is a point of growth and what is a non-negotiable.  Grab a seat, bring an open mind, and prepare to look at your relationships through a new lens.

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