The Book of Love HOTLINE # 3: The Approach Review

This week on the Book of Love HOTLINE your local matchmaker and dating coach Jean-eva Dickie jumps on a live call with singles to answer all their dating questions! We discuss the approach or making the move for both men and women.  A man’s biggest fear when dating is accidentally giving off the “creep” vibes. We break down what is being done wrong that gives women the ick.  Should women be proactive in asking the guy out? We talk about the difference between full on asking a guy out and creating an opportunity for him to ask us out. Join us to answer all of these topics and more!

To be the next caller, send me an email to, please do not include the question you’re going to ask, and we will set up a time for our coaching call. If you would like first dibs on our summer events, be sure to get yourself in the Book of Love!, I’m so excited to open up the Book of Love Hotline to all of you!

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