Chapter 45: My Experience with a Narcissist

This is part 2 of our new series taking you on my journey in love and life. Every single dalliance, date and relationship in my life have been huge lessons and it was up to me to either listen & learn or ignore & repeat. This week we talk about my experience with a narcissist. I met this man almost five years ago when I moved home to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Calgary, Alberta. I met him at Durty Nelly’s, and we had one year of adventure, travel and romance; and two years of drama. Little did I know, he had narcissistic tendencies, and I discuss the damage that being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist had on me. Since this relationship I have fully educated myself on the traits of narcissism and what to keep an eye out for. Currently I’m using this to keep narcissists out of the Book of Love, and away from my clients, but this episode will share some of those red flags for all you singles to keep an eye out for.  p.s. these traits apply to both men and women   For more inspiration on how to get back out there again, register for our 5 week FREE webinar series. We are on week 4 with Brittany Hachey talking about Enoughness. If you missed last week’s webinar, don’t worry you can join anytime! Register through this link.

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