Chapter 47: Myths and Truths About Fertility

This week we are joined by Dr. Jessica Dupont, Naturopathic Doctor, Birth Doula & Fertility Strategist. I was very excited to have her on the Book of Love Podcast. We have both men and women coming to a matchmaker with preconceived notions of what dating would look like based on the desire for a family in the future. We discuss the reality of fertility, and dispel any myths. Also, Dr. Jessica Dupont created a “9 Step Guide to Optimize Egg Quality” just for us through this link: Her practice focuses on Hormonal Regulation, Women’s Health (PMS, Fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause, etc.), Fertility, & Perinatal Care. Dr. Jessica has made it her mission to empower women worldwide to embrace their divine feminine power, take control of their health, and realize their optimal health potential so they can feel energetic, vibrant, and beautiful inside and out. It is her belief that by educating and supporting healthy women and mothers, we will have healthier children and healthier communities. She integrates conventional medical research with alternative medicine giving women a unique approach to their health so they can get to the root cause of their concerns and restore balance. Dr. Dupont is the Creator of the noteworthy online fertility program Baby Bloomers and the FertiliTox Method, a guided cleansing regimen for women wanting to conceive. She has published various articles for a variety of health magazines and papers, and is one of the most sought after practitioners in the GTA regarding hormones, pregnancy and fertility.

LINKS: Website: The Fertili-Tox Method (Fertility Detox Program):… Baby Bloomers Online Comprehensive Fertility Program: The Egg Beauty Regimen (coming soon) Instagram: @drjessicadupont

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