Chapter 49: Bless & Release

This week we welcome the lovely Lily onto the Book of Love Podcast. Lily was a top matchmaker at the largest firm in the U.S. After matching hundreds, she realized that with coaching, women could become their OWN expert matchmaker to find better dates for themselves than anyone else ever could. Now as the founder of Date Brazen, she’s helped hundreds of women around the world build badass dating lives that lead to extraordinary relationships through unconventional coaching and transformative community. We discuss how online dating and external forces almost gaslight us in our dating lives and what being picky actually looks like. Have you been told you are “too much”? Let’s unpack this term, and how we shouldn’t mute ourselves to find partnership. Dating coaching is such a powerful tool. Lily and I shared a similar story where we would be blind to the person we are currently with without this coaching, and I know we both feel so blessed that we went through the growth journey we did.

Our events in June look promising that they will be in person, but we are still waiting to see how regulations loosen. Be sure to grab your spot!

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