Chapter 50: Sex with Serena – Feminine & Masculine Energy

This is a unique episode. During our 5 week webinar series in the spring, we had the amazing Serena Haines join us for an evening of sex, boundaries and Q&A. I love how Serena and I disagree and agree on the topic of sex while dating, We discuss hot topics like, how long to wait to be intimate when dating and how to set boundaries early and later on in relationships. Mostly I was so excited for her to share what feminine and masculine energy means to her, and how it creates a beautiful polarity between two people. We stop this episode at 45 minutes, but Serena and I continued on for another 45 minutes answering everyone’s questions. Be sure not to miss our next 5 week series in the fall!   To follow Serena, or to check out some of her upcoming workshops, visit her website at Stay safe out there everyone!

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