Chapter 68: Book Club – Did you even read the book?

This week we sat down with Ashley, Elizabeth, Liane and myself for our first Book Club. We read the first 5 chapters of the best modern day dating book on the market, How Not To Die Alone by Logan Ury.    We discuss the paradox of choice and how having too many options is detrimental to our dating lives, also that perfection is a lie and there is no perfect partner out there for us. At some point we will have to choose someone and work towards creating the perfect relationship with an imperfect person. Also we discuss how perfection is a lie and that you can’t be perfectly ready to date,    If you would like to follow along with this book club series, go grab your own copy of the book on my website,   Join us for our next book club, coming out January 10th. We will be covering up to the end of Chapter 10.

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