Chapter 91: Anxious Attachment – Part 2/4

Our second episode of our four part series on attachment styles. We talk to another single man who resonates with an anxious attachment style when dating. We get an insider look into the mindset of a man who is dating while anxiously attached. We will hear stories of neediness, clinginess, putting women on a pedestal, and what I call the “disney effect”. This is where anxiously attached individuals specifically will meet someone and then quickly create the story of what their fairy tail life with that person will look like, while that person is still a basic stranger. Media and culture shows women doing this, but men do it too!   We are still looking for someone with an avoidant attachment for episode three of this four part series. If you, or someone you know want to anonymously join us on the Book of Love Podcast to share your story, please email me at jean-eva@bookoflovecanada.ca   If this is your first introduction to attachment styles, I recommend reading the book ‘Attached’ found at any major book store or Amazon.

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