Chapter 92: Secure Attachment – Part 3/4

Our third episode of our four part series on attachment styles. We talk to a single woman who has done the work to move from an insecure attachment to a secure attachment. Every journey from insecure to secure is different, but it always takes time and hard work. Majority of the population is securely attached, but as single individuals dating, we tend to run into a lot of insecure attached individuals, because an insecure attachment does a great job keeping someone single.    I learned something new with this guest, and how our brain reacts when we are triggered in life. We also discuss how to teach our brain not to react when being triggered. If there is one word that can describe this episode, it would be EMPATHY.   If this is your first introduction to attachment styles, I recommend reading the book ‘Attached’ found at any major book store or Amazon.

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