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The Carp, Ontario ‘Guardian’ UFO Case – Part 1 – a discussion with Ian Rogers

the Carp, Ontario UFO case widely centers on an anonymous whistle blower using the name ‘Guardian’ who for a period in the early 90s sent strange packages to UFO researchers around the world claiming that world government’s were attempting to cover up the crash of an extraterrestrial craft just outside of Ottawa in Carp, Ontario. The packages included a rambling manifesto, photographs of purported aliens, and perhaps most interesting, a vhs tape containing video of what was supposed to be a flying saucer.

Despite significant attempts Guardian was never identified.

in fact.. they are still trying.

Our guest is just the fella to walk as through this case.

Ian Rogers is a present day author, but in the early 90s when the investigation into the guardian case was active, Ian was a teenage UFO investigator who managed to walk right into the middle of one of Canada’s most bizarre cases.

In this episode, Ian shares the stranger than fiction story of the Carp, Ontario “Guardian” UFO Case.


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In depth report on Guardian case by Mufon Ontario:


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