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the Dark Side of Jury Duty (with Mark Farrant)

A very small number of Nighttime listeners have served on a jury, but many more know someone who has. Regardless which side you fall on, chances are the trial involved was fairly mundane and unremarkable… but that’s not always how it happens.

Think of someone you know, perhaps a painfully innocent aunt.

What happens when they get assigned to a case involving some of darkest evidence imaginable? how do they get through it? how do they cope? and who picks up the pieces after the verdict is delivered?

Very few are better positioned to answer those questions then our guest Mark Farrant.

In 2014, a letter arrived at Mark’s door indicating he was in a pool to serve on the jury for an upcoming murder trial, and to put it simply, he hasn’t been the same man since.

The trial was that of Farshad Badakshan, a man accused in the horrifically brutal killing of his girlfriend.

The graphic details Mark was immersed in had left him with the crippling symptoms of PTSD and to make matters worse, laws that serve to provide jurors privacy have made it nearly impossible for mark to get treatment.

This has been the fuel for one of Canada’s fiercest advocates for the rights of Canadian jurors.

In this episode, Mark will share both his experiences with the dark side of Jury duty and his efforts to make things better for future jurors.


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