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the Disappearance of Holly Ellsworth-Clark – Part 1

At the time of her disappearance, 27 year old Holly Clark was pursuing her dream to be a professional musician in Hamilton, Ontario. However suddenly, and with little warning, she seemed to find herself on the brink of crisis.

On the morning of January 10th, 2020 Holly phoned her parents in Calgary and pleaded for help returning home. During the call Holly would share the frightening, yet vague details of a traumatic experience that led to her spending the prior night running for her life from either a real or imagined threat.

It was obvious she needed helpbut shortly before her father arrived, she walked out of her apartment and into the cold air and pouring rain.

In this episode of Nighttime we will be joined by her father Dave Clark for a conversation surrounding the disappearance of his daughter Holly Clark.

Links referenced in the episode:

Holly Clark Search Facebook Group: 

Holly Clark Search Go Fund Me:

Holly Clark’s Bandcamp:

Report Tips and Information on Holly’s disappearance:

Hamilton Police: 905-546-4925

Holly Clark Search Email:


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Musical Outro: Fake Romance by Deep Bight/Holly Clark







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