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the Disappearance of Kimberly McAndrew

**This is a remastered version of a 2016 Nighttime episode**

The students who descend on Halifax each year come from far and wide, but despite the depth of their diversity, there is at least one thing they all have in common.

It’s a dark brooding thing that dwells in the pits of their parent’s stomachs.

Luckily, it’s easily ignored with the simple thought “that stuff doesn’t happen in Halifax” or “my kid is too smart for that“.

But, as a tragic few have learned, ignoring it is about as effective as covering your eyes to avoid an oncoming train.

Nightmares do come true, and they often happen to good people.

Here is one such nightmare.

the 1989 disappearance of then 19 year old Kimberly McAndrew who was last seen exiting the Canadian Tire store she worked at.

During this episode we will learn about Kim’s disappearance, two possibly related crimes against young women, and three equally disturbing suspects.


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