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the Disappearance of Zack Lefave – part 3 – Mandie and the New Year Party

Our story takes us to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on New Year’s Eve 2020.

21 year old Zack Lefave plans to ring in the new year by partying with friends at a local hotel.

As the final moments of 2020 played out, Zack may very well have been looking forward to his new adventures in 2021, but sadly something would happen in Zack’s life that would bring about the kind of change he, nor any of his loved ones, could have expected.

After stumbling out of a house party only minutes before the new year countdown, Zack walked away leaving a trail that only created more questions.

The last known sighting of Zack Lefave was at 1225am, on New Year’s Day 2021.

A passing motorist noticed a young man, not wearing pants, walking along a dark stretch of road.

In this episode we will continue to explore this unexplained disappearance with a focus on the New Year’s party.

Our guest is Mandie Penney who like our prior guests was involved in the search, but most relevant to our discussion this evening Mandie was also one of the last people to speak with Zack. She was a fellow guest at the new years party Zack left shortly before his disappearance.


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