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the Downfall of Patrik Mathews (with Ryan Thorpe)

Our story centers around two Canadians who met on the front lines of the race war militant white supremacists hope to start.

On one side, we have a journalist with the Winnipeg Free press named Ryan Thorpe and on the other side, we have Patrik Mathews, a Manitoban who moonlights as a recruiter for a secretive neo-nazi hate group.

I say “moonlit” as when not conspiring to overthrow the government and create a white ethnostate, He was known as Major Corporal Patrick Mathews… a combat engineer in the Canadian Military.

At least, he was before Ryan Thorpe’s investigative journalism outed him.

Buckle up for this one.

In this episode of Nighttime we are joined by Ryan Thorpe, the Winnipeg based journalist who infiltrated a paramilitary white supremacy group known as the Base.

Our story is the exposure and the downfall of Major Corporal Patrik Mathews

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Vice Profile of The Base –


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