#177 – Are Far Right Extremists Taking Over Canada’s Political Landscape?!

What is a person to do? With the political rhetoric turned up to 11 over the past couple weeks we discuss plans that Canada’s Liberal Government is planning to take to curb “right wing extremism” coming from the States, journalists going after Pierre Poilievre at his press conferences, and could we see a return of Covid lockdowns? Canada’s Health Minister Mark Holland hints at a possibility of heavier focus on the “New Covid Variant” in the coming months.


Intro – 0:00

BRICS Nations Hold Summit this Week – 8:00

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly Keeps Eye on American Election – 23:00

Reporter Questions Pierre on his “Dog Whistling” – 40:00

Mark Holland Addresses COVID Concerns – 45:00

Alex Jones Talks Potential Lockdowns Incoming – 52:00

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