#191 – UBI Dreams, Alberta Fights Back, and Housing Showdowns

This week we delve into three significant developments that are reshaping the Canadian landscape. First up, we explore Canada's growing interest in implementing Universal Basic Income (UBI). We'll discuss the potential impact of this progressive policy on individuals, communities, and the country as a whole, as well as the debates and discussions surrounding its implementation.

Next, we turn our attention to the province of Alberta, where the government is contemplating a dramatic departure from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) program. We examine the potential implications for Albertans and the country's retirement landscape, as well as the economic and political considerations at play.

Lastly, we take a closer look at Nova Scotia, where the provincial government has overruled the Halifax council on matters related to affordable housing. We explore the challenges faced by communities in providing affordable housing and the intricate dynamics between local and provincial authorities.

There’s a lot on the docket this week and we’re happy to offer you another hour of edutainment.

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0:00 – Intro

8:00 – Canada Looks to Explore Universal Basic Income More Seriously

24:00 – Alberta to Back Out of CPP

42:00 – The Mediocrity of Healthcare

52:00 – Province of Nova Scotia Fights with City of Halifax over Affordable Housing

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