#195 – The Conflict Comes Home: Chaos Erupts around Remembrance Day Weekend

Today we confront the complex dynamics surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict and its ripple effects in Canada. We dissect the ongoing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis within our own borders and explore the impact of these international conflicts on our diverse Canadian community.

As emotions run high globally, we delve into the importance of fostering understanding, empathy, and open dialogue among Canadians from all walks of life. How do we ensure that the conflicts abroad don't lead to division and animosity within our multicultural nation? Join us as we seek answers and discuss the shared responsibility we hold in maintaining harmony and unity amidst global turmoil.

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Intro – 0:00

Conflict Erupts in Canada – 3:00

World Economic Plans – 18:00

CMHC Housing Comes up Short – 37:45 

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