#218 – Canada’s Anger Index Reaches NEW HIGH?!

First, we dive into the alarming news that Canada's anger index has reached an all-time high. What’s driving this surge in public discontent? From economic pressures to political strife, we explore the factors fueling the nation’s rising anger.

Next, we turn our attention to the demands being made by Palestine supporters on Canadian universities. We delve into the protests, the demands for policy changes, and the broader implications for academic freedom and campus politics.

Amidst the turmoil, a Conservative nomination scandal in Ontario has come to light, shaking the political landscape. We dissect the allegations, the fallout, and what it means for the integrity of the nomination process and the party’s future.

And finally, we address the plight of immigrants with expiring work visas who are facing the prospect of leaving the country. We explore their stories, the bureaucratic challenges they face, and the broader implications for Canada’s immigration policies and labor market.

 0:00 – Intro

3:10 – Canada’s Anger Index Research

17:27 – Demands of Palestine Protestors

35:16 – Conservative Nomination Scandal

51:20  – Leftist Hypocrisy

01:16:17 – International students protest for extended work

01:27:00 – Wild Card

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