#227 – Government Gaslights, But here are the FACTS

First, we examine the Trudeau government's proposed $200 million Online Harms Bill. We break down the bill's objectives, the potential impact on online freedom and safety, and the public's mixed reactions to this significant legislation.

Next, we delve into the troubling rise in Canada's unemployment rate. We discuss the factors contributing to this increase, the sectors most affected, and the broader economic implications for the nation.

Amidst these challenges, we also highlight the alarming trend of people leaving Canada in droves. We investigate the reasons behind this mass exodus, the destinations Canadians are flocking to, and what this means for the country's future.

Adding to the economic strain, we discuss the possibility of a new surtax on housing. We explore the potential consequences for homeowners and the real estate market, and debate whether this measure could help address housing affordability or exacerbate existing issues.

Lastly, we confront the sobering reality of household debt reaching an all-time high. We analyze the factors driving this debt crisis, the risks it poses to financial stability, and the steps Canadians can take to manage their finances in these turbulent times.

0:00 – Intro

3:50 – In the News

14:49 – Online Harms Bill

18:32 – Surtax on Houses valued over $1M could become a reality?

23:49 – High Cost of Living Driving MORE People out of Canda Report Says

31:00 – Desjardins Report Shows Household Debt at All time High

38:50 – Unemployment Jumps to 6.4%

48:45  – Wild card

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