Ding, Dong the Bird is DEAD

The product known as Twitter is now gone. We discuss what led to the rebrand, what the plans are for the company, and what this could mean for the future of our online world. We also give an update on Glitter Bean’s fundraising efforts and FINALLY it seems formal news organizations are running scared as establishment media took aim at smearing the News Daddy himself Dylan Page. Last but not least we chat the ever increasing standard of living costs and who’s fault it is. Is the Premier’s fault or the Federal Government’s?


0:00 – Intro

10:05 – Update on Glitter Bean’s GoFundMe

21:35 – TapRoot Farms Hit Difficult Times

27:45 – Twitter is DEAD and X Remains

44:00 – Establishment Media Comes for TikTok News Daddy Dylan Page

1:00:30 – Trudeau Gets a Warm Welcome in Belleville

1:10:00 – Josh comes Face to Face with Trudeau’s Bodyguards

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