Hydro Energy

In the third episode of our “Renewable Energy” series we talk all things Hydro Power. Starting off with some case studies surrounding hydro success stories, we then move into a breakdown of the technology and potential for this alternative power source, and wrap up with the history of the liquid fuel. Hold onto your turbines as this is a real whirlpool of an episode.

1:13 – discussing positive case studies of hydro implementations + its potential for powering the world of the future.

12:28 – will tidal energy save us?

16:53 – issues with hydro energy: approaching its river capacity; downstream ecosystem impacts; stagnant reservoirs.

22:30 – ocean thermal technology + different types of hydro plants.

27:29 – history: the rapid building of dams during the 1900s; some missteps using large dams in development; hydro energy as a transition fuel; humanity’s ancient relationship with water.

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