Lessons from the Pandemic

With vaccines on the way and a more widespread understanding of our individual responsibilities to stop the pandemic, hopefully 2021 will be a better year than 2020. In this episode, we summarize our experiences and observations from COVID-19 by discussing 10 ‘lessons’ that we feel the lockdowns have taught or exposed, both to individuals and to society at large.

We tried to infuse the conversation with a positivity and willingness to adapt and learn from mistakes, rather than the usual doom & gloom that accompanies pandemic discourse. Enjoy!

0:48 – exposing global food insecurity + the dangers of globally interdependent trade.

4:56 – zoom sucks: discussing the issues of trying to replace proper human social interaction with technology.

12:01 – the importance of separating different parts of life.

17:11 – people don’t like themselves.

20:56 – people are unbalanced and try to fill their voids through purchasing.

23:04 – exposing the lack of cool public places + lack of truly ‘public’ areas.

28:30 – exposing poor mental health infrastructure + healthcare systems in general.

32:43 – ignore selfish people.

35:34 – our homes have big potential.

38:34 – change can happen fast!

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