What We’re Eating

A healthy diet is arguably the cornerstone of the ideal society to which we should aspire. So many of the flaws of modernity are evident in our modern western diets- processed food, sugar addiction, and a disregard for mindful eating and nutrition in general. This episode is the first of a series on ideas for reshaping the modern food institutions that compromise both human and planetary health.

Here we discuss nutrition from a perspective of introspection and curiosity. To various degrees of success, we try to detach from our emotions and preconceptions to untangle the muddle that is food science. Enjoy!

2:38 – how we arrived at the ‘western pattern diet’: Neolithic and industrial changes, medieval medicine, corporate shortcuts.

14:15 – common diseases of the western diet.

17:58 – healthy diets around the world and their common features.

31:46 – GBOMBS!

36:53 – discussing our personal diets, the value of aesthetic judgements of nutrition, ‘intuitive eating’

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