Airs, Waters, & Places

Around 400BCE, the Greek physician Hippocrates wrote an influential work on ecomedicine- ‘On Airs, Waters, and Places’. On this episode, we use this text as a starting point for discussing the intersection of climate change and health, as well as dangerous superstitious medical thinking which seems to be on the rise today. Listen if you are interested in your relationship with nature, improving your health, or how ancient texts can apply to modern times.

4:37 – Introducing the benefits of Hippocrates’ thought: keeping medicine secular; preventative treatments; minimizing prescription drugs.

8:07 – Detailing the abstract sense of ‘vigor’ one attains from being in nature. Discussing where this crosses the line into dangerous medical superstitions.

18:35 – The health impacts of modern seclusion from nature + how to remedy this.

27:44 – What would Hippocrates say of our modern airs, waters, and places?

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