Reshaping Culture Through More Art

“If you could make everybody in the world read one book, which book would you choose?”

This conversation sees us each answering that question through 5 different choices, expanded to allow all forms of art. Our picks span hundreds of years and several different mediums, and each has a specific benefit it has imparted onto us from which we believe the larger culture could benefit too.

Listen if you’re interested in discussions of the art that shapes our culture + themes that would improve society (and us as individuals) if they were more widespread. Enjoy!

1:07 – Gaspard de la Nuit

7:05 – The collages of Hannah Höch

12:04 – The Angels of Sodom

17:01 – Little Women (2019)

19:14 – Nostos: The Return

23:39 – The photography of Charlotte Rudolph

26:46 – Miss Anthropocene

32:36 – For Emma, Forever Ago

34:57 – Super Mario Galaxy

37:33 – Dessert Person

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