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The FIrst Nonstop Transatlantic Flight from Newfoundland to Ireland – John Alcock and Arthur Brown

Hello, and welcome back to Newfoundpod, a bite-sized podcast about Newfoundland. I’m your host, Debbie Wiseman, and today I’m going to talk to you about the first non-stop transatlantic flight, which originated here in Newfoundland 100 years ago. I’ll also tell you about the plans to celebrate the anniversary here locally.


Music: Club Seamus by Kevin Macleod

The Aviation History Online Museum (Site inactive)
Century of Flight

One Hundredth Anniversary
CBC: The 1st successful transatlantic flight, 100 years ago, set to be celebrated in St. John’s
Aviation History Newfoundland Labrador
Alcock and Brown 100 (Ireland)


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