The Jellyfish Buffet with Kathleen Martin

We’re happy to welcome you back to The Food Podcast with our first episode of the season: The Jellyfish Buffet. It begins with a turtle soup savoured in a 19th Century Danish home, then travels to present day Nova Scotia, where Sea Turtles visit from the Caribbean every summer. We meet Kathleen Martin, Executive Director of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network, who explains why Sea Turtles find their way to Nova Scotia, and what challenges they face on their epic journey. We also learn about the lion’s main jellyfish, the Sea Turtle’s favourite food. It’s a meandering coastal exploration, on this episode of The Food Podcast.

We discuss:

Babette’s Feast 

Muppet Show Turtle Soup

The Sea Turtle Scoop

Kathleen Martin, Executive Director of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network 

Chef Oliver Rowe’s recreation of Babette Feast in Vice Magazine

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Hosted by Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Edited by Abby Cerquitella

Theme song is One More Night by Jenn Grant 

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