Exploring the Fundy Cliffs with Brian Hebert and Laura Thompson of Fundy Treasures

E28:  This week on the Podcast I’m joined by Brian and Laura with Fundy Treasures in Joggins, NS.

Brian and Laura started Fundy Treasures in 2014, and are now in there 7th year.  They offer fossil and mineral tours in Joggins and Parrsboro, they make products that are inspired by the Bay of Fundy like Candles, Soaps, Jewelry and stone guitar picks.

We talked about the idea behind Fundy Treasures and why they chose to start this business.  Brian’s passion for Joggins, the Fossil cliffs and our part of the world came through in this interview.  Laura shared about her time living overseas really brought forward the benefit that tourism can have for a community.  We talked about the tours they offer, the first farmer’s market they attended, the Kid’s Show Dinosaur Train, the impact COVID-19 had on their business this year.  WE covered a lot of topics.

They redid their website at www.fundytreasures.ca and you can find the tour schedules and links to all their products.

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