A Sociable with Chef Ian Tyson

Chef Ian Tyson has been an avid cook since the first time he was tasked with making instant mashed potatoes as a young lad in the 1980s. His tastes have since improved, as have his skill set! Whether it’s laying out a massive spread for a large crowd, working the grill, or his meals for one, Chef Ian always brings creativity and passion to the kitchen. He loves to create everything from traditional meals to cultural favourites, as well as innovative fusion.

Get ready for some fun in your kitchen!
A seasoned professional speaker, presenter and comedian, Ian brings unmatched energy, humour and showmanship to his live cooks. Chef Ian was featured on the Food Network Canada show “Wall of Chefs” in 2020, and created his own virtual cooking show, “The Confined Kitchen” during quarantine. He makes his home in St. Thomas, in southern Ontario in Canada, and is the proud father of 2 grown kids who are constantly embarrassed by him and his incredible Dad-jokes.

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