Let’s Sociable with Chef Cherrie

Chef Cherrie grew up in a small northern Manitoba town and is a self-taught chef who discovered her inner foodie and passion for cooking from her dad.   He loved eating amazing foods and enjoyed treating his daughter to some of the best restaurants around the country during their summer vacations together.  Cherrie also loved to eat and she started recreating the recipes, as well as food ideas from her favorite TV chefs, and her culinary career was born.

Cherrie started working in restaurants when she was a teen as a bus person and dishwasher.   During meal service, she was intrigued with the chef who would flambé steaks as a show in front of the guests and she thought to herself “Someday, I will do that too!” Cherrie continued working in the trade with Via Rail in the dining car kitchen, where she traveled throughout Canada and mentored with the railway’s top chefs.  In addition to cooking, she also has a few years under her belt as a seasoned mixologist.

Fast forward to 2020, Cherrie joined Team ChefTorial as a virtual cooking personality in its early stages and never looked back!  Cherrie loves to put a spin on traditional cuisine and layers flavors using fruits and bold spices in her recipes.  She loves to style her food and she specializes in creating canapes and tapas, however she does it all from breakfast to midnight snacks!  Her favorite foods are Latin American, Filipino, Thai, French, Italian, Mediterranean and Greek.  She also owns her own personalized catering company, The Little Olive which you can follow on Facebook as well as littleolivetree1 on Instagram.

Join her supper club for a unique ninety-minute adventure of drink, food, and fun!

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