Feeding the Hungry! Welcome the HeadSpace of Chef Seema Sanghavi

As the founder of Cooks Who Feed Inc., Seema is passionate about creating a better world by fighting hunger sustainably. In partnership with charities and NGOs, Cooks Who Feed ethically produces handcrafted aprons and for every apron sold, food waste is rescued to provide 100 nutritious meals.To help us in our fight against hunger, her NP has enlisted the help of some great chefs. To date, some of our chef ambassadors include Christine Cushing, Art Smith and Gaggan Anand.In addition to her career as a social entrepreneur, she loves to cook, eat, and travel off the beaten track. She has  been lucky enough to travel extensively and work in various countries, such as Canada, the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, and India. She believers herself to be an amateur chef  (I disagree) and enjoy taking cooking courses in different countries to learn the local cuisine and cooking techniques.

ps…Chef Seema has recently joined Team ChefTorial and we are proud to also support Cooks Who Feed.

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