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Mohamed Khirallah is a passionate and committed community leader and a peacemaker.

In 1999, after having his bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts from Cairo, followed by one-year postgraduate studies, Mohamed moved to Dubai with his wife in 2001.

He is the founder and CEO of True Vision Designs, a well-known advertising agency started in 2002 in Dubai. Having over 15 years of experience, the company started by providing consumer promotional concepts for marketing activities. Today, True Vision Designs offers professional expertise in advertising and graphic design in here in Canada.

In 2016, Mohamed had the will to start a new chapter in his life. And that is why he moved with his family to Canada. He continues his advertising business by establishing True Vision Designs in Fredericton.

Moreover, Mohamed has started a new venture in coffee business in 2017, realizing his dream of bringing back his family legacy. He is currently the founder and the general manager of Roticana Coffee Company Inc. This bold and ambitious coffee venture is committed to producing the best coffee from the most exquisite beans imported from across the globe using a unique one-touch “state-of-the-art” automation roasting process.

Mohamed believes that perfection is only possible with consistency and precision. For him, it is paramount to put a smile on everyone’s coffee experience.

Mohamed had the honor to be awarded and named as “Champion for Cultural Diversity 2018” for “Immigrant Business”, by the New Brunswick Multicultural Council.

From his activities and professional experience, Mohamed is a true entrepreneur with a great vision to develop his business. Moreover, he is a proactive leader, who strongly believes in giving back to his community.

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