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the Legend of the Glove Guy

Urban legends are as common place in Canada, as the are in any of the dark lands that exist beyond our borders.

and it’s always been that way.

As far back as we choose to travel into history, we find examples of said to be true stories being put to use as cautionary tales.. often reinforcing the morality of the era.

Many suspect these stories to be somewhere between pure fiction or exaggeration… but that’s what makes them so effective… a good urban legend plays directly to the fears of the society in which it is being spread.

and Skepticism it seems, takes a back seat to self preservation.

considering my own experience, I recall a story from my childhood about a maniac in a clown costume who was said to drive a white van around a certain section of rural roads… Thinking about it now, of course it’s ridiculous… but!  there was a the time when it made me not want to go anywhere near that area… likely just as the legend was intended to.

Stories like this, these urban legends, may seem to be cultural artifacts from a simpler, more naive time… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, urban legends are thriving, perhaps more than ever, thanks to the internet.

As Bloody Mary and a killer hidden in the backseat of a car limp away into retirement… modern versions like Momo and slenderman have appeared to… well… i suppose warn parents to keep their kids away from computers.

Now, with us on the topic of modern day urban legends… I’m going to tell you about the topic of tonight’s episode.

In my city, Halifax, NS, we have no shortage tall tales, folklore, and urban legends. But our topic, I dare say, is stranger than all of them.

I first heard the story a few years back… Much like many urban legends, a friend of a friend was said to have had an encounter with a man who makes a hobby of offering Halifax’s young men rides late at night, only to reveal a bizarre leather glove fetish after they’ve entered his vehicle.

I cant really explain why, but I immediately dismissed it as untrue or an exaggeration.

Perhaps I’ve become too skeptical but It had all the trappings of an urban legend…. I suppose I assumed it was a creative story dreamed up to scare our many university students into being cautious in the big city.

But, as you will soon hear… my initial conclusion couldn’t have been more wrong.

My opinion on the existence of the Glove Guy, changed for me when a local man shared the details of a strange late night encounter with a glove salesmen on a local online discussion group…. This man’s story, obviously hit a nerve as within a matter of hours a chorus of others joined the discussion to share their similar stories… and many of them included photos and in some cases secretly filmed video of the interactions.

Immediately i was faced with the realization that the story I had assumed too bizarre to be true… was real. and it wasn’t a few isolated events. This Glove fetishing, ride offering, mystery man seemed to have picked up, and freaked out, at least one friend of a friend no matter who you’ve asked….

Obviously, I had to learn all I could.

So get in, sit down, and put on your seat belt…

Tonight, In this episode, we are going to pop open the glove box and dig into the stranger than fiction legend of Halifax’s glove guy.


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