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the Life, Death, and Legacy of Amanda Todd (with Carol Todd)

Amanda Todd was still a child when she began to share her love of singing with viewers around the world on Youtube. Perhaps she was hopeful that she would be discovered like Justin Bieber, another Canadian youtuber, recently had.

Like Justin, Amanda too found a sort of fame as a result of sharing her talents. Tragically, Amanda is known around the world not for her voice or her charm but as a cautionary tale about the evils that lurk all around us.

As we know now, one of the people who was moved by Amanda’s performances managed to sneak into her personal life, and infiltrate her inner circle. When Amanda shared an intimate photo, the anonymous predator would begin an odyssey of sextortion, harassment, and cyber stalking that would end in Amanda’s death.

Since taking her own life, over 50 million people have heard Amanda’s story, largely as a result of a viral video she made shortly before her death. In the video, shot on a webcam in black and white, Amanda shares the her story by flipping through a series of index cards as she visibly sobs.

Tonight, in this episode of Nighttime, we are going to hear Amanda’s story by someone who has stood by Amanda through it, and still to this day carries on her search for justice, and continues her legacy.

Our guest is Amanda Todd’s mother, and well known internet safety and mental health advocate, Carol Todd.


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