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the Life, Death, and Legacy of Rehtaeh Parson

This story is hard to listen to, but equally so, it’s important.

We are going to be joined by someone who’s personal tragedy has positioned them to become an internationally known activist and advocate against sexualized violence and cyber bullying.

Her name is Leah Parsons and what she and her family have been through over the last 7 years… simply put… is horrific.

The story starts with the rape of Leah’s then 15 year old daughter by a group of young men and continues with a 17 month quest for justice, and odyssey to stop photos of the rape from circulating around Rehteah’s school.

Obviously, what will be discussing isn’t for the faint of heart, but as horrible as it is, you will hear some positives.

The crimes against Leah’s daughter highlighted significant problems with many of the institutions parents rely to keep their children safe and eventually, this story would the catalyst for change. To prevent something like this from happening again new cyber bullying laws were introduced and sweeping changes were implemented in schools, police departments, and within our mental health services.

It’s just a shame that Leah’s daughter Rehteah had to pay for those changes with her life.

In this episode of Nighttime, we will be joined by Leah Parsons and our topic is the life, death, and legacy of her daughter Rehteah Parsons.


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