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the Many Catches of the Toronto Predator Poachers

Toronto, Ontario is a big city… home to over two million… and a bunch of them are online approaching children with criminal intent.

Fortunately, their dark fantasies are a little further out of reach thanks to a vigilante group called the Toronto Predator Poachers.

Using fake online accounts and elaborate decoy work, this group helps pull Toronto’s child sex predators out of the shadows and into the light.

The predator, expecting to meet a child, instead comes face to face with an over 6 foot tall, 200+ lb. man, holding a camera. He’s not there to arrest them or harm them physically. What he does do however is make them call their wives or parents to admit what they are up to, and if that wasn’t bad enough he also posts videos of the whole thing online and reports them to police.

So yeah, it gets quite intense.

In this episode of Nighttime we are joined by Matt (the catcher) and Soph (the decoy) and our topic is the many catches of the Toronto Predator Poachers.


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