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The Murder of Daniel Levesque – Part 1 – a web of lies

Aug 2011, Victoria, BC

When 20 year old Daniel Levesque moved from small town Ravelstoke, BC to the comparatively big city of Victoria it was to pursue his dream of finding a career as a performing musician.

Tragically, Daniel would only get a handful of weeks to make things happen as his time in Victoria, and the dreams that brought him there, would be snuffed out by the manager of the convenience store Daniel had taken a job at.

That manager, Josh Bredo, befriended daniel and weaved an intricate web of lies that played off Daniel’s kindness, generosity, and his trusting nature.

The lies would finally catch up to them both when Daniel showed up what he thought was Josh’s condo, in what he expected to be an orientation for a new career as a legal secritary for Josh’s mothers law firm.

Instead, Daniel found betrayel.

There was no orientation, no job… there wasn’t even a lawfirm.

There was just the manager of the 7/11 eleven, a man Daniel thought to be a friend… but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

As Josh Attacked the much smaller Daniel with a hammer, all the while preventing his desperate escape… the true nature of their relationship was revealed when it was far too late.

Josh was obsessed with Daniel, and the lies had been little more than Josh’s way to pursue a sexual relationship with a heterosexual employee of the 7/11 he managed.

In this two part series, Kristi Lee of Canadian True Crime and Jordan Bonaparte of Nighttime will collaborate on the telling of this story that should make anyone with a respect for justice scream.

In part one, Kristi will provide a narrative account of the twists and turns in this heartbreaking story.
In Part two, Jordan will take the lead on the story and feature an in depth discussion with Daniel’s mom, the inspiring Stacey Thur.


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