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The Murder of Loretta Saunders – Part 1

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Feb 2014

26 year old Loretta Saunders – a proud Inuk woman – was in Halifax completing her university thesis on the topic of Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

After leaving her home to collect overdue rent from the tenants of an apartment she had been renting, Loretta became the victim of a senseless and brutal series of events that added her name to the very list of missing and murdered indigenous that she had hoped her work would reduce.

In part one of a two part collaboration with Canadian True Crime, Kristi Lee will provide a narrated telling of the crime and it’s far reaching impact.

In Part 2 the story will be expanded upon via an indepth conversation between Jordan of Nighttime and the person who vowed to carry on Loretta’s advocacy work… her sister Delilah Saunders.


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